Mu Online Season 19

Max Level: 400, Max ML: 1200, Experience: 500x / 400x / 300x

Mu Online Season 19

Extra Reset BUFF & rewards

Mu Online Season 19

Goblin points: 1 level 1GP: There are wings and pets,FO Soul Items, Jewels available for GP

Mu Online Season 19

WCoins: Kill Elite Mobs.

Unity Mu Online NEWS

Server back online sorry for offline time! New gift code added /backonline with 10xbless of light and 3Day Panda pet +Ring

New patch required to play! Run launcher to get latest update!

Increased Experience rate 50% pernament!

SUB2 changed to NOPVP server!

Fixed reported issues

Updated 5th wing crafting material drop rate at Tormenta square!


Unity Mu Online x500 Grand Opening 9.February

Game style: Casual fun gaming ir provided for players. Events, boxes drop, mini bosses are easy farmed and everyone can ontain top gear from xshop with just playing the game. There is no extra items. Play/Farm and craft to be top player! No VIP.


Version: Season 19 Part 1-3
Max Level: 400
Max ML: 1200
Experience: 500x / 400x / 300x

Server location: United States


Opening times:
17.00  UTC +2 (Poland)
22.00 UTC +8 (Philippines)
11.00 UTC -3 (Argentina)


From 400lvl, stats burns, free stats: 500 points (2kk zen*reset)
Max resets: No Limit
Max stats is 32700

Reset reward: 10Wcoins 1000 Ruud + Random Jewel each reset


Easy start: Each class has equiped 1lvl Wings (DL/RF cape) Weapon +10%Exc dmg + Premum box that droops random MUUN pet

/startergift To Claim Ring+Pet Panda + 10 Bound Bless Light



Reset in game: /reset, stats burns free stats: 500. Starting from 300 resets players has the highest Reset Buff, reset count is unlimited. Each reset gives random jewel!

Chaos rates items: Mix10Rate = 100; Mix11Rate = 100; Mix12Rate = 90; Mix13Rate = 80; Mix14Rate = 70; Mix15Rate = 60


Wcoins plan! Game most valued currency is Wcoins. It can be bought or earned in game!
Get Wcoins from resets, Blood Castle, Scramble Words event, Boss Battle event, White Wizard invasion, Sheep Invasion, Elites in Tormenta Square!


Ruud plan: Ruud is used to upgarde your mastery items starting from Blood Angel till S19 mastery items Lightning set! Ruud can be obtained from:  Quest system, Silver and Golden box (key from Devil Square), Red Dragon, Mini bosses Snakes, Elites in Underground, Blue Dragons.



Extra Reset BUFF

10-49 resets: +15% Damage/HP
50-99 resets: +20% Damage/HP
100-199 resets: +25% Damage/HP
200-299 resets: +30% Damage/HP
300-Unlimited resets: +40% Damage/HP



Extra Reset rewards:

Reset1: Red Fenrir
Reset5: 2 LvL random Wings Box
Reset10: Ghost Horse
Reset50: 1x Jewel Of Level +1x Jewel of FO
Reset100: 100k Ruud Box
Reset200: Rage Earrings +15
Reset300: BloodString Lyra +15
Reset400: Random Third Wing Box
Reset500: Ice Dragon +15
Reset600: Pear Lion +15
Reset700: Shining Tail +15
Reset800: Ur pet +15
Reset900: Brilliant Orb +15
Reset1000: +11 4th Wing Voucher



Happy Bonus exp hour: Morning 8-9 Evening 20-21 Server time


Mini bosses announced in game!

Resetting stats ingame, commands: example /decstr 11

Make perfect build, rebuild stats
Decrease Strenght points = /decstr
Decrease Agility points = /decagi
Decrease Vitality points = /decvit
Decrease Energy points = /decene
Decrease Command points = /deccmd

Party: Get more experience with bigger parties: 5Unique characters in party (Gold party) gets the highest exp bonus.